Les & Judi

JAuuly 18, 2013

Cannot believe it is only a couple of weeks until we head to Uganda.  Thank you to, all of our family, friends, co-workers and employers who have made a donation to our cause


August 1 2013
“Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less”

August 4,2013
What an awesome day today! We were greeted by the community of St. Kizito Parish. They were so excited to meet us and shake our hands. We all celebrated together with a Mass. In the afernoon we were given a tour of a local school. It was very interesting to see how little they have but how much they want to learn. It was the older students that led the tours and we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the students and spend time in meaningful discussion.
Three or four or even five people on a motorcycle is not uncommon.
August 6
Yesterday we visited St.Kizito parish and Father Dennis led us on a tour. We stopped at the Nazigo Health Clinic to drop off the many donated supplies. The woman’s clinic was much in need of basic supplies. Nurse Rose was very greatful for everything given. We visited the school and were entertained by the over 800 students and the 18 teachers. The children were very excited to meet with us.
Today we had a wonderful time meeting the children of Busana and Nanso. We started by meeting pastor Timothy in Busana and visiting the school. Very rustic structure consisting of small rooms with dirt floors. They were benches the children used to do their studies. They would sit on the dirt floor when writing in their books It is difficult to imagine how few teachers teach so many children.

August 8 2013
We helped the local wokers today at the new church that St George parish London funded. Judi learns to plaster the walls. We gave the local children that were on site a suckers and then gave them paper to draw pictures. We all had a great time. The female members of the church cooked lunch for us all.

August 9 2013
We had a free day today so we went on a guided hike through the rainforest. We learned about the many plants and saw monkeys butterflies and even a spitting cobra. There had been a python in the area as there was a deep long groove in the soil that showed the direction that the snake had been travelling.
We went to the Nile Resort where we sat in luxury having a lunch. It was quite a contrast to what and where we have been this week

August 10
Started out today with an authentic Uganda experience. We went into Jinga and bought a Rolex for breakfast. It is an egg wrap that is made over a charcoal fire right on the side of the street. We were a bit hesitant about buying one. But it turned out to be delicious.


We exprienced the market today. The vendor’s stalls are all packed in together and there are so many of them you have to make sure you keep your bearings straight. We visited Sanctuary in Bugembe to take donated clothing, books and food to the children that live there. It is an orphanage run by Michael. We served the children lunch. It is hard to really explain and then believe how much the children eat. We expected to share the food with them as we felt we brought quite a bit. But it turned out that the young children could eat it all. We had a great visit.


We all ate dinner together overlooking the Nile River

August 11
Sunday Mass was said at St Kizito Parish. The whole community gathered with the Bishop who said Mass. During the Mass, two couples were married. The people offer money to the church but during the offering procession the people also presented bananas, pineapples and live chickens. The whole Mass was close to 4 hours in length. After Mass the community had a meal together. There must of been around 400 people at the dinner.

August 15
We hav been busy working and visiting. We helped paint and do a bit of repair on a playground structure at the Children’s Home. We visited the Babies Home where we helped bath the 20 plus small children. That was quite a splashy experience. We visited the hospital and Lions Club to deliver donated items . The hospital is understaffed and very busy with patients. How lucky we are in Canada.

2 comments on “Les & Judi

  1. That is awesome you two. Happy to see things are going well. Thanks for the update. we’ll keep checking. Marjie and Mike.

  2. Sounds like you have been kept productive, plastering & painting.
    I’m updating Mary with your posts and she’s checking in with Marianna…
    Have a safe trip home.
    LOVE Suzy

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