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  1. Hi Sean, i hope you got my email from a few days ago. thank you thank you for the phone call- i almost fell over when i got home from working at the store. i mentioned also that it was amazing to go from “the Duke” in Strathroy to become an international star with fans and giving autographs.
    i’ll email you again when you get to the SIM residence in Addis.
    love you lots

    • Hi:

      Just saw this post now Wed. am – don’t always check this sight – left Addis on Monday – got to bette and then an overnight in Effeson – stayed at a disgusting hotel there t the road and got as far as a couple of kms from Efeson – mud and rock slide with many vans and landcruisers stuck – turned back and 2 1/2 hrs later hit the road drove through Dese got as far as Waldiya – good hotel will hit yhr road again this morning bound for Lallibella – first time for me and Sean

      Hey Mom, Its Sean,
      Things are going awesome out here. My two weeks in Uganda was full of hard work and fallowed by many good laughs with local children. most of my time was spent at local schools, and orphanages, helping out building playgrounds-and of course playing with the kids. I have many stories- more then i can think of on the spot, so of course we will have to do a proper debrief upon my return. we have now hit the road, as i now find most of my days spent admiring the landscape as we drive through the mountains on our path to Lallibella, and then Bah Hadare (please excuse the spelling). Today we will be arriving at the Lallibella and will spend the day taking a tour of the famous churches carved in the mountain- I’m really looking forward to this! These last few days have been a little rough, fore the home sickness has started to kick in- probably due to the amount of down time compared to the busy 2 weeks in Jinja. I look forward to coming home and sharing stories with my friends and family, that I have missed so much. in the mean time please send my love to all and tell Grampa I look forward to talking to him when i get home..

      All the best, much love
      Sean G.

  2. thank you thank you thank you- both for the messages. Sounds like you have a lot going on.
    By now you would have been to Lalibela-what did you think? Pretty overwhelming eh.

    When you were in Bette, did you see Alem or any of the staff from camp Bette?
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get home.
    Sean-Kevin said that you will be taking Robert Q from Toronto to London.
    On Saturday,Aug.24- I have to work at a Workshop at King’s and I won’t be finished until around 3:00p.m. I’ll call you to see if you’re at your house by then. I know you’re bound to be tired but it will be great to see you.
    I understand about being homesick when you are touring around and seeing marvelous things. As you said -you had busy times in Uganda but now touring is downtime.

  3. Hi Sean, hope you and daddy are well and touring Ethiopia.
    I know you’re getting ready to return to London.
    as I mentioned in my comments Aug.21 above- I will be working at King’s U. in the Bessie Labatt hall on Saturday until 2:30 or 3:00. if you want to stop by King’s I’d love to see you or I’ll call you and visit you at your house.
    keep well…love you lots…MOM

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